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Blackhawks App for GM

Post by blackhawk on Tue May 26, 2009 11:54 pm

Name: Zach Nichol

Can contact me throught:

Age: 14

Past Jobs: I have had GM and i did take a pic of it if u would like to see it just tell me and ill post proof of it

Why I should get the position: I think i should get the position because i can help keep the server clean, i can help get more players on it, and i can make sure that no hackers and all rules are followed.

Time: Central
Location/TimeZone: Illinois
Online Time: I am online usually 3-4 hrs on weekdays and on weekends it can vary between 5-6 hrs or 7-13 depending if im at my dads or moms

Things about me: I could possibly learn to make maps i have made maps for a game before (unreal tournament 2004 if want pic just tell me)

Final Notes: I can possibly learn to make weps, maps, and maybe bosses if needed but idk how long it will take to learn it
I also kno i think all the commands: __________=Username
/kick & /Vote kick __________ = will kick player
/admin_ban & /ban __________ = get player outa the server
/givejjang __________ = give player event win sign
/changepassword = will add or change password
/hide & /admin_hide = Use wen chasing hackers
/changemaster = change master of room
/admin_wall ----------- = Gives an server message

I am willing to help with anything.
I will anwser all questions and not get mad.
I am loyal to the server.
I dont like it wen i get spammed.
I have had a previous GM.
and i my fave food is Pizza and tacos Very Happy


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