Spam, and other thnigs.

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Spam, and other thnigs.

Post by Kaye on Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:21 pm

I've been looking through the forums, and there's so much spam, I don't even have time to clean it out yet. I don't mind you guys posting, but if it's small one lining needless shit, you've got a chatbox. I know that it's fun to post, but if I do keep this site as a forum, I'm going to either figure out a way to clean SPAM section, or remove it, and stuff. Another note, I keep seeing topics in wrong sections. Now, I can check and see who's doing what, in the word of moderating the forums, so moving shit around and needlessly deleting posts, I can see that, if and when it happens, as well as other things. It'd be a great help if you guys would use the edit button, and not post spam all over the forum.. At least keep it in the spam section, guys.

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